Islam Based Phonics Set 1

An Islam integrated Phonics set 1 learning pack for children aged 3-5. I have designed and put together a learning pack in line with the UK national curriculum guidelines.

This learning pack is enveloped with Islamic principles and ethos. Each letter is introduced with some kind of reference to Islam. This may be in a form of an Quranic ayat, hadiths or an Islamic poem.

Your child will learn the English alphabet, recognise capital and lower case letters, phonics sounds, practice reading and writing in a fun and interactive manner. There is even an introduction to sentence building and dictation.

The workbook is over 50 pages! Filled with fun activities, writing practice exercises, decoding and matching activities, a fun nature hunt and lots more!!!

In this learning pack, you will receive:

A 2 in 1 student workbook with integrated teachers’ notes and script for 32 lessons
Set 1 Flashcards (x12)
Set 1 puzzle pieces (6 x 4 piece puzzle)
Set 1 reading cards (over 10 reading cards)
A FREE mini book on Prophet Nuh (as)

If you would like to purchase a hard copy (UK customers only) of this product, please click here.

Thank you!


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  • Islamic based phonics

    Have not gone through but I know deep down it would be beneficial. Jazakillahu khair

  • Love this!

    Love this! Great for beginner readers😍

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