Nahw Test with answers

Fully editable Nahw questions with answers. Based on Tasheel Nahw (English) and Hidayatun Nahw (Arabic).

Split into 17 tests for different sections of the book.

Includes tests for:

  • Nahw Introduction
  • Types of Kalimah
  • Types of Murakkab
  • Signs of Ism / Fi’l
  • Huroof Jarr
  • Fi’l Naaqisa
  • Ghayr Mutamakkin Nouns / Asmaa al-Mabniyya
  • Types of Dameer
  • Ism Mawsool
  • Asmaa al-Ishara
  • Asmaa al-Af’aal
  • Asmaa al-Aswat
  • Asmaa al-Zuroof
  • Ghayr Munsarif

Most tests are either 1 or 2 pages of questions. Some maybe more or less.

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