Sarf Charts for Memorisation

235 pages of charts, taken from the famous book Ilmus seeghah (علم الصيغة) which is studied in Madrasahs around the world.

The book Ilmus Seeghah often starts off some of the sarf tables, but often the author does not complete the pattern as he expects the reader to be familiar with the rules. This is particularly more so towards the latter end of the book when some patterns can seem to be repetitive.

This pdf file includes more than 200 charts which have been typed up, into chart format for easy memorisation.

The sarf charts include:

  • Thulaathi Mujarrad (39 charts)
  • Thulaathi Mazeed fi (12 charts)
  • Rubaai Mujarrad and Mazeed fi (4 Charts)
  • Thulaathi Mazeed fi resembling Rubaa’i (18 charts)
  • Mahmooz (4 charts)
  • Mithaal (10 charts)
  • Ajwaf (57 cahrts)
  • Naaqis (67 charts)

The first few charts are colour coded with meanings given in English, to help beginners familiarise themselves with sarf terminology. All charts are clearly labelled with the title, and the pdf generally follows the order of ilmus seeghah.

Please note: The contents of the pdf has been checked several times and should be free from mistakes. If you feel there is a mistake on any of the charts please contact us to let us know. This file does not include charts for muda’af.

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