What are the benefits of registering as an author?

ILMBANK MembershipSeller Membership
– Download FREE resources
– Buy resources online
– Access resources at any time
– Rate and review resources
– All the benefits of an ILMBANK membership plus:
– Share and sell original teaching resources online and get paid
– Post unlimited resources
– Payout rate 70% on all sales

I have trouble viewing the file?

When downloading a resource with multiple files, we automatically compress all files into a zip folder. This means that if you are using a phone or tablet you might not be able to view it. You may want to download again using a PC / Mac. 

I want to view zip files on my phone/tablet?

You can download a zip file viewer app. These are usually free. Once this is installed simply try downloading again and it should work.

Author FAQS

How do I upload a resource?

1. Login and navigate to your author dashboard.
2. Click the Add Resource tab
3. Fill in the required fields and click Submit.

How do I withdraw commissions?

Login and navigate to your author dashboard.
Click the Profile tab and fill in your payment details.
Click the Request Withdrawal button.

How long does it take to receive my commission?

Withdrawals are usually paid within 14 working days of being accepted.

You can only withdraw once per week
You can only withdraw a minimum of £10
You must enter valid PayPal / card details

What is custom pricing!
***(trial phase – not open to all authors)***

Custom Pricing gives your customer the option to donate a “pay-what-you-want” price. Therefore customers can enter the amount they wish to pay. To take advantage of this feature, select “Enable Custom Pricing” when uploading your resources, and fill in the required fields. 

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