Baby’s First Islamic Learner Pack

A baby’s color perception is only limited to black white and some shades of grey. As their color perception improves, few colors like Red attracts their attention

Thus, keeping this in mind we decided to launch Baby’s First Islamic learner pack. The thing which makes our pack unique is that it contains high contrasting cards in black-white-red.

Flash cards/Picture cards in general are great visual tools for learning new things and retaining information in memory. The use of high contrast cards makes it easier for the babies to interpret and increases their attention. By flashing 2 pictures per second, their right brain is stimulated.

Our Baby’s First Islamic Learner Pack consists of:

English alphabet flashcards: Twenty-six contrasting cards with Big Block letters and a picture for visual memory
English Numbers: 1-10 Counting cards in black and white color.
Arabic alphabet flashcards: Twenty-nine high contrasting cards with big Arabic letters.
Shapes: Four black-white picture cards for shapes recognition
Introducing Islam: Six contrasting picture cards to introduce Islam visually.
Sight Words: Twelve contrasting cards to introduce babies to everyday objects and animals. Great for developing communication skills.

Printing Instructions:
• Open the file in Adobe Reader
• Click on print button
• Select ‘Multiple’ Under Page Sizing and Handling
• Click ‘4’ Pages per sheet
• Choose ‘landscape’ orientation
• Print
• Laminate
• Cut into cards
• Organize in flashcard holders/plastic pouches/Ziploc bags.

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