Qaida flashcards: Level 1 **Digital Download**

Qaida has been the most effective book in learning to read the Quran for several years. Several children around the world have benefited from it. When my preschooler starts taking interest in learning other subjects, that’s when I thought of introducing him to Qaida. However, the plain text and lots of words on one page just made it unappealing and he soon lost interest. Also, I found a lack of resources for toddlers with regards to learning Qaida. That’s when I thought of introducing it through flashcards. Flashcards are great visual tools for learning new things and retaining information in memory. Within a few days of using our Qaida flashcards, my son’s interest greatly increased and he started reading and practising new words proficiently Alhamdulillah. I have divided the Qaida curriculum into several levels. Each level needs to be perfected before moving to another.

Level 1 consists of three lessons:

Lesson 1: Arabic alphabets

Lesson 2:Two letter Murakabat(joined letters)

Lesson 3: Three letter Murakabat(joined letters)


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